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The wireless world has been a very exciting place to be over the last few years. We have seen the introduction of ground breaking products and technologies have reached a never-before-seen level of maturity. The rate of enterprise adaptation to wireless technology is only accelerating day by day.

This is a personal blog and will focus on my thoughts and perspectives on wireless technology. Please feel free to share your opinions and viewpoints so that it can be discussed and debated. Though I would like to, I won't be able to post to this blog each day. Will try my best to write whenever I get time.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Event - 1 : ESRI's GIS ENVISION Series Seminar

ESRI who are the market leader in the field of GIS and Geospatial solutions had organized the "GIS ENVISION SEMINAR" at Hotel Pride Pune on 25th November.
The day long event was attended by Indian Government bodies & offices, content and map providers and IT service providers.
The winter season that had just begun in Pune delayed the welcome address by an hour . Vatsal Dave took the audience through ESRI vision, its market share, product suite and service offerings.
Brd. Khanzode, Director Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics gave a keynote address. He highlighted on the importance of GIS in different sectors such as tourism, disaster management, utilities etc. As per his opinion, lot more can be done by different stake holders in GIS space in order to give a secure and better quality of life to common man.
Seema Joshi took the audience through the GIS overview and range of ESRI products viz. Desktop GIS, Server GIS and Mobile GIS.
Her session on "What's new in ARCGIS 9.3" was lively with some good demos which kept the audience on their toes.
The day long event was concluded by Nagarajan Murali who conducted a good session on ArcLogistics that provides routing and scheduling solution for fleet management. Pilots being run in Delhi with Tele Atlas Kalyani India Ltd. providing all the Map data for this solution.

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